Visionary Leader. Strategic Designer. Lifelong Learner.

Hello, I'm Chalida!



Always have two paths: One that makes a living, another that makes a life.


I grew up in an entrepreneur family in Thailand. My grandfather immigrated from China after WWII. His first job: a construction worker. Our family background and my father’s teachings are the best catalyst that shapes and humbles me to become who I am today.

Hi, my name is Chalida. I am an experience strategist, a designer, a wellness coach, a yoga instructor, a mom, an entrepreneur, an idealist, and one happy human. I believe that happy human do good things, to themselves, to others, and to the world. My mission is to solve the world’s problems, one (happy) human at a time.

For over a decade, I have empowered my clients to reframe complex challenges and craft optimal experience solutions for their product and service experiences that improve people’s lives, through compassion, creativity, and system thinking.


Strategically craft blueprints by decoding insights into foresight


Demystify complex problems and ideate unique solutions via research and experimentation


Formulate actionable approaches and tactics to achieve goals with measurable results

Growth Mindset

Relentlessly turn chances and challenges into opportunities





What sets me apart from others are my unrivaled passion, ambidextrous thinking, and genuine compassion. I’m a high performer and motivated by problem-solving and result-driven challenges. Throughout my career, I have strategically transformed product and service experiences by leveraging user insights and translating ideas into values for businesses of all sizes. I have worked with entrepreneurs, startups, corporations, and Fortune 100 companies to create delightful pragmatic solutions to complex problems.

As your strategic partner, I will be collaborating, co-creating, and coaching your team throughout our experience design journey through:

Experience Strategy

• Discovery and Visioning
• User Research
• Blueprints + Journeys
• Workshop Facilitation

Product + Service Design

• Concepting + Experience Solutions
• Information Architecture
• UI + Design System
• Prototyping + User Testing

Coaching + Training

• Human-Centered Design
• Intrapreneurship
• Mindset Coaching
• Employee Engagement


Awesome brands I have worked with


A visionary leader, a strategic designer, a lifelong learner, with a mission to solve the world’s problem–one (happy) human at a time. Contact me to see how we can collaborate and co-create awesome things together. Cheers!